Parasitic Poop Twig!

Did you know the word Mistletoe essentially means Poop Twig and that it is a devastation to trees around the world? It made me wonder, how in the name of all that is pure and lovely that we romanticized that! Think of all the Christmas Movies we see and how those in love dream of that kiss beneath the mistletoe. It kind of puts a new perspective on things. 😀

This made me think of how often we have almost made the Christmas Story too cute. I am from the Appalachian Area. We are no strangers to barns around here. We see these soft, clean images of Jesus laying in the manager. Anyone who knows what a manger is knows that this is unrealistic. A manager is a trough in which animals are fed. Have you ever watch a hog, horse, or cow eat? They drool, slobber is stringing down from their mouth into the feed. No matter how many times you clean a stable if there is animals in them there is going to be poop. When you read this does this resemble the manager scene we see in movies or on the front cover of our Sunday School literature?

Jesus The Saviour of the World was born in a barn in Bethlehem. I do not imagine that barn varied tremendously from our barns today. His first smells could have very well been that of animal dung and hay. How is that for humble beginnings?

Not everything needs to be storybook clean and romanticized. We need to be realistic. We need to understand what really happened to appreciate what Jesus really did do for us from the manager to the cross. We need to reflect to appreciate his true love for us.

And this shall be a sign unto you; Ye shall find the babe wrapped in swaddling clothes, lying in a manger.
~Luke 2:12


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